Monday, March 7, 2011

Nothin' Could Be Finer Than To Be In Carolina

We just spent three lovely days in South Carolina visiting our new friends, the Hammonds.  They were wonderfully hospitable and we had a splendid time!

The Hammonds live on a beautiful piece of property which Mr. and Mrs. Hammond carved out of the bush (woods for all my American friends).  They've cleared about thirty acres and built a lovely house and numerous out-buildings, one being a goat dairy barn.

They currently milk nine goats and have a few more still to kid.  I think they'll have roughly a dozen or so milking goats within the next month or two.  Their daughter, Jordan, makes goat cheese (so delicious!) and they sell the milk and cheese at local farmer's markets.  Being dairy farmers ourselves, it was extremely interesting to watch a goat dairy in operation.

While visiting, we went to Stevie B's All-You-Can-Eat Pizza, where we were able to visit with the Upchurch family whom we've known for a few years.  It was terrific to see them again!

The Dads

The Moms

The Young Men ~ Caleb Yuck and Joshua Upchurch

Me, Caroline Upchurch, Jordan, Tijona, and Savannah Hammond

Most of the Kiddos

The Men Folk
(As usual, my Dad's eyes are closed! <grin>  Unfortunately, this was the best photo of the bunch.)
Riding off into the sunset, well... actually just going on a short trail ride. 

At one point during our ride, Kelsey's and Savannah's horses spooked causing the girls to fall off.  The Lord spared Kelsey considerable harm, if not death!, as her horse rolled completely over top of her.  Thankfully, Kelsy landed in a small ditch which was just barely big enough for her frame, sparing her the bulk of the horse's weight!  Praise the Lord!!!

A bicycle Christmas tree in Aiken, South Carolina

Thank you Hammond family for such a fun and uplifting time!  Can't wait to see you all again on our way home!!

We arrived in Orlando, Florida at about two o'clock yesterday afternoon (Hooray!!!).  Spending time together as a family without the heavy workload of dairy farming is such a delight!

The pictures aren't the best, because we don't seem to have a proper picture editing program installed on our laptop. :o)


  1. Hello Bethany,

    We all had a great time with your family as well! Hope you all have a relaxing time in the Sunshine state of course I don't exactly know why they call it that since they have so many afternoon showers. Anyways enjoy your vacation and our family is taking bets as to how early you leave to come see us at the end of your siesta! See ya all sooner than later!

    Mr. Hammond

  2. Are you absolutely SURE that your road home doesn't go through Texas? ; )

    So glad you have the opportunity to get away, have some fun, relax and be together as a family. Have a great time!

    The Seargeant Family

  3. Hi Mr. Hammond!

    We've had a wonderful day, well... as wonderful a day can be without you folks around :o). We slept in, played mini-golf, swam, and are now sitting around relaxing. Yes, a truly wonderful day!

    We plan to go to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow. We always try to arrive when the gates open and often don't leave until the they kick us out. What can I say, we like to get our money's worth. Plus the girls love the nightime parade and fireworks, both so lovely.

    We can't wait to see you again,

    P.S. How's Kelsey feeling?

  4. Hello Bethany!

    Glad to hear that you are all having a great time down in Florida! What is the temperature there? It seems like you forgot to take the cold weather with you when you left South Carolina! -grin-

    I am doing just fine, REALLY! I already had plans on going to the chiropractor if I was still sore this morning, but I woke up feeling much better! So stop worrying about me and have a fantastic vacation!

    I see by your last picture in this blog post that you found the tourist hot spot in Aiken. Just kidding...but it is quite a conversation starter!

    See you all soon!