Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayer & Practical Help Needed!

In our previous post, we mentioned the Lee family of Alabama who yesterday lost their beloved father when a tornado ripped through their home.  This dear and faithful brother in the Lord has left behind his beloved wife and thirteen precious children.  We can only imagine their great distress at so great a loss. 

In addition, others, also faithful brethren, lost their homes, though their lives were spared.  They testify today to God's keeping hand, rejoicing in the fact that all they lost was "stuff". 

As promised earlier, here's the link to the website set up by Peter Bradrick of the NCFIC to allow you to contribute whatever you're able to these precious and faithful families.  Please prayerfully consider what you can do, financially speaking, and please get the word out to others within your circles.

And pray.  Please, please pray.  Particularly for
 Mrs. Lee and her darling children, some of whom are in the hospital after having sustained serious injuries when their house collapsed on them. 

Below are photos of the families.

The Crawford Family
They lost their home and all of their belongings.

You can read of the Crawford's frightening experience here .

The Lee Family
Tom Lee, third from the right, was killed when the tornado ripped through their home.  He heroically threw his body on top of his children, whilst beseeching the Lord for their protection. 

You can read the account of the Lee tragedy here .


  1. I personally witnessed the damage these families sustained. It amazed me how many people from all over the United States brought supplies, offers of help and encouragement. It was beautiful to see Christians, some who didn't even know each other, work together like a family, and as a team. Please pray for the Lee's today, as they attend the funeral of their husband and father!

  2. Yes Rachel, the outpouring of love toward these dear saints has been beautiful to see. I know you and your dad and brothers went to help and I'm sure it must've been very sad to see such devastation and, most importantly, to spend time with the grieving Lee family. We praise the Lord, though, that through the testimony of their own lips, the Lord has provided them with much comfort.