Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Need Is Still Great!

The Lee Family

Mr. Lee, father of 13, was killed in last week's tornadoes in Alabama and his family lost everything.

The Crawford Family

The Crawford's home was completely destroyed.  Mr. Crawford is a self-employed contractor, so until he's able to get his family settled and obtain the tools he needs for his trade, he won't be able to meet the pressing needs of his family. 

Dear Friends,

We know what it's like to get a request for assistance, mean to do what we can, then get distracted by day-to-day life and totally forget to actually do something.  Perhaps that happens to you sometimes too? 

Might we remind you of the great need of the Lee, Crawford, and Boyd families? 

You'll recall that Mr. Tom Lee, faithful husband and papa to 13 beloved children, died in last week's devastating tornadoes in Alabama.  This dear family is now without their earthly protector and provider.  And not only that, they have no home.  No belongings.  They are still in need of our help.  If you haven't already, would you mind clicking on the link below and make a donation - every single cent of which will go directly to them.  No middle man or fees, every single penny, right into the hands of this precious family! 

And the dear Crawford family, they've lost everything too.  God preserved them all alive, PRAISE HIS NAME!, but their home was utterly and completely destroyed.  Mr. Crawford is self-employed as a contractor and isn't able to work until he gets things settled somewhat for his family, his lovely wife, Kelly, and their 9 children, the youngest just a few weeks old.  These dear folk could sure use any help you can provide them with.

Then there's the Boyd family, they live on the same street as the Lee's and the Crawfords.  While their home is still standing, it was badly damaged and is in great need of repair.  Perhaps you could spare a few dollars to help them out?

All of these families are faithful Christians.  They need our help. 

And please feel free to pass the link to this blogpost along.  Perhaps you have friends and relatives who might be able to help them out as well.

Here's an easy way to contribute to each family.  You can designate exactly how much to give to each family and your request will be honoured.  Also, you'll be able to click on the video interviews found there and learn firsthand what happened and understand why the need is so great.

Thank you so much!


  1. Hi! We recieved your email earlier. Just to clear things up... The the first of the Lees' to get out of thier house got out in 1 hr. the longest 2 were 3 hrs. not 7.

  2. Yes, that's correct, Leah. In the immediate aftermath there was some confusion in reporting the details. The Lee family was helped out of the rubble within a few hours, and not seven as we'd originally heard and subsequently stated here on our blog and in other correspondence. There were a few other details which were proven inaccurate as time went on, seems that's the way when stories are just unfolding. Pretty rough though just the same.

    Poor dear family, what a harrowing ordeal, and what a devastating aftermath. Makes me weep for Mrs. Lee losing her beloved and all those precious ones not having their dad. So sad.