Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Family-Integrated Church Model May Be Misunderstood

We're pretty convinced the family-integrated church model is a more biblical model for "doing church", and the prevailing model, that of separating into age and special interest groups during the regular meeting of the church, isn't really scripturally supportable.  

We believe the Lord has been challenging many to reconsider the current model, and it's been encouraging to see what He's doing in the hearts and minds of individuals, pastors, and elders across the nations. 

We think the family-integrated model, however, may have been somewhat misunderstood.  Some assume churches which identify by that name are for families only, for those with a father, mother, and children in the home, that it is not a church for singles, widows and widowers, single parents raising children on their own, infertile couples, or couples whose families have grown.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

By family-integrated, we mean the "family of God", not merely individual families of a specific make-up, integrated as they sing praises to our glorious God, as they hear the Word preached with wisdom and authority and are lovingly ministered to, as they themselves minister to others, regardless of age or marital status.  Perhaps a better phrase might be "age-integrated", encouraging all members of the Body to remain present during the meeting, from infants to the very elderly.  

Please read the following "Declaration on the Complementary Roles of Church and Family" here which more thoroughly covers what family-integrated means and doesn't mean. 

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  1. I love watching the whole church interact!!! Our church would be very odd to most people. I have had people ask me how I can stand it as services are most often 2.3-3 hours long on a short day! It is beautiful, it is refreshing when you watch young people from the ages of 3 to the man who cannot walk on his own being helped to the front by a strong young man so he can share a song with us participate in the service!