Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Day In The Life...

A blustery Saturday,
much to be done,
all hands on deck,
we need everyone... step up to the plate,
no slacking or slouching,
absolutely no sitting,
or reading or couching!
Spaghett’s to be cooked,
chocolate cake too,
sandwiches to ready,
there's so much to do!
Toilets to scrub,
floors to sweep up,
vacuuming and ironing,
twelve, forty-eight, HUT!

Deer to be butchered,
corn to harvest,
before the snow flies
in serious earnest!

Weary and draggin’,
much work lies ahead,
time enough for resting,
when we’re tucked into bed!
Butchers still at it,
seventy came in today,
on top of the seventy,
received yesterday.

Got a bit of a blizzard,
the men had to quit,
combining corn,
t'was too sticky and wet.

Praying it melts,
with dry days ahead,
to finish it up,
so the herd is well fed.

Didn’t mention the milkings,
which bookend our days,
nor the feeding and bedding
of the bovines which pays!
Tomorrow's the Sabbath,
much long'd day of rest.
As we worship our Saviour,
we'll all be refreshed.