Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Play Time - Reflecting Godly Character

We've long believed our children's play time, like every other area of life, should employ godly character building, that they ought not be encouraged to play in any way which we wouldn't want them to behave in adulthood.  For example, even when play-acting, they should speak kindly to one another, discouraged from using bossy or petulant tones, even if just "pretending".  We've also tried to carefully monitor what kind of toys come into our home. 

One of the toys we've been particularly mindful of are the types of dolls we allow the girls to play with.  Baby dolls, yes.  Barbie dolls, no, though I do recall one rather comical instance when a dear and kindhearted relative bought our eldest daughter a Barbie doll with removable breasts.  Yes, you read that right, her entire chest came off, revealing a little chamber containing a lip gloss container and a miniature photo of Ken.    

I came across an excellent blog post over at Raising Homemakers I thought I'd quickly share with you.  Take a gander over and see what Jacinda has to say about Barbie dolls, she expresses our sentiments exactly!

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