Sunday, April 28, 2013

Piano Competition

I thoroughly enjoy teaching piano to a number of students each week, but I take particular delight in teaching my younger sisters.  The girls participated in a local piano competition last week, and their diligent practice was well rewarded!

First place in each of a contemporary class and a concert group, the latter consisting of playing two contrasting pieces back to back.

Also placed second in a Baroque class, as well as in the quick study class for her grade, where each student is given two days to learn and subsequently perform a piece.

Took first in a Baroque class.

Placed first in her class as well.

A number of my other students also participated and did very well.  Preparing was a lot of hard work and I'm so proud of them all!


  1. Great job girls I am sure that you are all excited. Good job to your teacher also. I see in just the short time that we have known your family my musical talents have rubbed off on Bethany! All of you keep up the great work!

    Mr. Hammond

  2. Well done, young ladies! I'm sure it was a lot of work. Behind your smiling faces, I'm also noticing the drawing of your parents on the wall. Who drew it?

    Bethany, we enjoyed meeting Caleb and Jordan when we were in SC. Maybe we'll get a chance to "officially" meet you all too, although we ran into one another a couple of times already.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      The drawing was done by a street artist in Quebec City on my parent's honeymoon. You might've noticed it's off-set above the piano. Well, the reason for that is because we rearranged our furniture, which messed up our picture placement, and there just happened to be screw there. So, we plopped the picture there temporarily. That was a year ago! Ha! Mom just commented the other day that we really must center it at the very least!

      Yes, I do recall meeting, but we really didn't actually talk much did we? We'll have to remedy that!