Monday, January 31, 2011

Cap? Stocking Cap? Beanie? Nope.

This is a cap.

This is a beanie.

And this, my dear friends, is a toque!  Or a tuque.  Or a touque.  It is not a cap, a stocking cap, or a beanie.  It's a toque.  Or a tuque.  Or a touque.

This educational post was brought to you by
 "Toque Lovers Unlimited".

Posted by Bethany


  1. First of all I am wondering who may be responable for this blog post? Surely, to be respectful in the most helpful way. I must disagree with your evaluation of these products. The first Item most assureldly would be a ball cap. The second would be indeed a whirley beanie. And thirdly this can not be considered a toque since you are not at the Royal enclosure at Ascot so therefore we must consider this item a knit hat or knit cap, sock cap or stocking cap, or watch cap. Now that we have properly named these items may we all rest well!

  2. Ahem....I'm sorry, but I simply must disagree with you, Mr. Hammond! Given that I'm Canadian and an expert on all things "toqueish", and you're American and from the South, no less, I respectfully suggest you defer to my expertise.

    Besides, when one considers the term "stocking cap", one cannot help but conjure up images of bank robbers wearing feature-distorting women's knee-highs!

    Warmly, and with a twinkle in my eye!