Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends, Fun, & Fellowship

While attending the Love the Church Conference in North Carolina last December, we met a terrific family, the Hammonds, of South Carolina.

Our friendship has blossomed and we've just wrapped up hosting them in our home for the past eight days.  How sorry we were to see them leave!! 

Wanting to expose our southern friends to a bit of Canadian culture, we happily acted as tour guides, beginning their visit with a trip to Parliament Hill, even sitting in on Question Period for a few moments to allow them to get a firsthand glimpse of our elected representatives in action.

Of course, no visit to Ottawa is complete without a taste of poutine!

  Afterwards, we took a short cruise down the Ottawa River, boarding our boat where the Ottawa meets the Rideau Canal.  Later that evening we attended a spectacular (albeit drizzly) paratrooper presentation by the Canadian Armed Forces Skyhawks, and wrapped up the day enjoying the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's much lauded Musical Ride.  Unfortunately, we didn't get very many photos that day, we were too busy visiting! 



The following day, some went to a local indoor ice skating rink, providing our guests with the opportunity to do something they'd seldom done before.  Our kiddos were not a little impressed with how well the Hammond children did! 

Those boards sure do come in handy!

"If I go down, you're a'comin' with me!"

Flying solo!

Who's helping whom?

Awww... teamwork!

Then again....

Doin' jim-dandy!

Look out Ottawa Senators, Donald's Destroyers are in town!

After having our planned Wakefield Steam Train trip cancelled due to copious amounts of rain, the Hammonds introduced us to something we'd never done before, laser tag!  Our two families had the place to ourselves where we chased each other through mazes in the dark, thoroughly enjoying shooting one another!  Who'da thunk that'd be something I'd enjoy?  Truth is, I think I've found my new favourite thing, and the rest of the family thinks likewise!  After that we introduced our guests to five-pin bowling.

During their stay, we also visited Upper Canada Village, an authentic 1860's town situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, enjoying a beautiful sunny day strolling the lanes, exploring the buildings, and tormenting the pigs!

Prairie Muffins!

Prairie...umm... Well, not so sure "muffin" describes him best...

You'd think these dairy farming folk would enjoy a break from their daily chores.  No sirree, they all pitched in at Upper Canada Village.  You'll notice our fellas weren't so inclined, seems they figure they do enough milking right here on our farm and thoroughly enjoyed their night off!

Three against one, to no avail!

Bringing in reinforcements!

In addition to all the sightseeing mentioned above, our two eldest took the young folk on a boat ride on the not-so-mighty nearby Mississippi River, the Hammonds helped milk the cows - seeing firsthand how our dairy differs from theirs, and we all just generally enjoyed sweet fellowship, had lots of good discussion and hymn and psalm singing, and were up late most nights playing games.  I actually had a 3 hour nap after they left!

Sadly, what we suppose is the highlight of our summer has come and gone.  When the Hammonds drove out the laneway this morning we all felt a pang of sadness, wishing they could stay much longer.  Nevertheless, we're thankful to the Lord for providing us with such good friends and for allowing us to enjoy like-minded fellowship, trusting that He will give us many more opportunities to spend with these dear, dear folk. 

"A friend loveth at all times."
Proverbs 17:17


  1. What a nice visit!!! Looks like a really fun time! What is Poutine?

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Martha, poutine is basically a French Canadian heart attack in the making - french fries, liberally sprinkled with cheese curds, drenched in brown gravy. Mmmmm....

    And yes, Martha and Alyssa, we did, indeed, have a fun time!! The best!!

  4. Thank you Yuck family for letting us share your home with you and enjoy one of the best vacations we've had! We had such a good time!
    -The Hammond Clan