Friday, July 8, 2011

Is Your Church "DIVIDED"?

Try as we might, we can find no biblical support for dividing the church body into age or special interest groups on any kind of regular basis.  Despite that, almost all churches today are intent upon it. 

has just made the movie DIVIDED available online at no charge.  We encourage you to view the movie and to study the scriptures in order to evaluate whether or not what most churches currently practice is pleasing to the Lord. 

Another excellent resource available to you is the book,
 A Weed In The Church , by Scott Brown. Scott presents an excellent biblical analysis of the error of age and special interest segregated ministry. 

The Christian's motto must always be Sola Scriptura, Scripture alone.  May the scriptures inform our faith and practice concerning all matters.

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  1. It is a must watch. We have been distributing them as a package with Agenda: Grinding America Down. Agenda is about Communism in America. It really makes sense!