Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last Saturday Mom and I Went Shopping

"And what makes this tidbit of news exciting enough to merit a blog post?", you may ask.  Well, I will tell you.

A few days prior, I'd been perusing ads on a well-known horse website just to see what was going on in the horse world, and I came across an ad for a Hanoverian/Oldenburg filly.  In the photo provided she was beautifully muscled, soaring over a jump freestyle, and had a cute little white sock on her hind leg (that last point is relevant to my story).

Seeing as this filly wasn't too far from home (under 2 hours), Mom and I loaded the girls into the van in order to go take a peek at her.  The young woman she belonged to was unable to be there, so the stable owner had agreed to show her to us. 

 The very first thing that popped into my mind when I saw her was, "This is NOT the same horse!".  Not only had this horse lost a considerable amount of weight, but the little white sock was absent!  After voicing my thoughts aloud, the stable owner responded that he had not seen the ad, so he pulled out his fancy phone and viewed it for himself.  He promptly informed me that the photo was of her sire, and not the filly!  No wonder she looked so well muscled, she was not a she at all, but a he!

Well, let me tell you, I was tempted to just forget the whole thing and go home, because what I was now looking at was a gangly, gawky, jug-headed much-smaller-than-expected horse!  After reconsidering for a moment, I then figured we'd driven all this way so it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and look her over.

After wrapping my head around the fact that she was only two and would continue to grow and fill out until she was six or seven, and seeing how quiet and willing she seemed, I offered considerably less than the owner had been asking, thinking there's no way she'd accept...

...she did.

My stunningly beautiful filly (observe how laying out that chunk of change worked magically to transform her from a gawky jug-head into a positively gorgeous animal) is not quite as finessed looking as her sire...yet, but her personality is darling and she's very gentle and sweet.


She was quite underweight when I first saw her, because she'd originally been boarded at another stable where the owners were going through a divorce and were arguing over who should take care of the horses, with neither, apparently, doing so!  The filly's owner had her moved to this new stable two weeks prior.  I've already noticed a considerable change in her weight since bringing her home, which enhances her looks considerably. 

As she's so young she hasn't been backed yet, but I did tack her up and she was very accepting of me putting things on, then taking them off and adjusting buckles, putting everything back on, only to take it off once again to make further adjustments.

She's registered with the Canadian Sport Horse Association (CSHA) under the name, Giaco's Debutante.  Her sire's name is Giacomo W and her dam's name is Pasu Booger (seriously, who thought of THAT one?).  As of yet I haven't come up with a barn name for her, so suggestions are definitely welcome!


  1. She definitely looks kind! :)

    It'll be interesting to see how she fills out. So...another blog about her in a few months? ;)

    I hope you are all enjoying summer, which is almost did THAT happen?

  2. Bethany,

    She's beautiful! What a fun shopping trip ; )

    My first name thought was Deb, short for Debutante....but that could get sticky as its also short for Deborah ; )

    So, since Deb doesn't work in your situation, how about Tante? Or GiGi?

    Booger just won't do. Not an option. Gotta work with the sire's name. How abut Gia?

    Well, those are my tries. Have a wonderful time with your new friend.

    The Seargeant Family

  3. Hello Bethany,
    With the adorable little white star mark on her forehead... how about "Dark Star"? At least I think it kind of looked like a star... and I couldn't see any other marks on her from your photos.

    Other names that popped into my head:

    Sweet D

    She is a beautiful horse!
    ~Mrs. R