Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Sell Or Not To Sell...

That is the question!

I've been debating whether or not to sell my Meadowbrook cart and beautiful antique candy-apple red sleigh.  I bought them both from a local lady about five years ago and bought an old used harness made by the Amish in Pennsylvannia on a family trip there.  I've enjoyed using them the few times I have, but that's the problem, the "few" times I have!  So, because I haven't used them as often as I thought I would, I'm considering selling them and listed them on Kijiji recently.  A lady's been showing some interest, wanted to see the harness, so I hooked up my old Quarterhorse mare the other day and took her for a bit of a spin.  It was so much fun!  And now I'm second guessing my desire to sell.  Aaack!!! 

Anyway, here are a few pictures of me with Little Bit, as well as the girls, who thought it was great sport!  And I've also added a picture of our sleigh, so you'll see why I'm a tad reluctant to let it go.  On the other hand, they take up a good bit of room in our shed, and if I'm not using them very often... 

Well, you see my dilemma!


  1. Hello Bethany!
    I can see your dilemma! I thought the cart and sleigh were beautiful when we looked at them in the shed, but seeing them hooked up to your horse, well...I don't know if I could make that choice either!

  2. Could they seasonally make you a bit of money? Not to be a burden to you, but using them for service somehow (we non-horse non-farm owners love the novelty of things like this!)? Might justify the cost/space of keeping them! Just a thought! They are lovely! I can see your dilemma!
    -Jill J

  3. What a lovely picture you all make. I can see why you'd like to keep it.

  4. Don't sell them, they're beautiful! You could give rides for a small fee and people, especially children, would love it!